The story behind OSO Training & Coaching
In August 1993 the founder and current owner of OSO Training & Coaching, Peter Mulder left his country to work in London, UK. When he left he got a present from his mother, a bear.

This bear was symbolic for being connected with a listening ear. Five years later the bear was returned with the same intention to his mother who was then suffering from an incurable form of cancer.

Two years later the mother and son came to an exceptional agreement in a farewell talk; she would live to see his 28th Birthday and he promised to follow his heart in everything he did. On Easter Monday 2000, she passed away on her son’s Birthday, closing her eyes on exactly his time of birth, 11.50 am.

Two years later while doing a closed eye training exercise Peter was ‘confronted’ with the bear and consequently with the agreement he made. Not long after this exercise he decided to complete his part of the agreement and following his heart he started working as a trainer and coach.

With this new start he had to think of a company name and while doing so the bear immediately came up. OSO means bear in Spanish and in some local translations it also means ‘go crazy and do something else!’

The company logo consists of a continuous line and looking at it from a distance one can see a world map in it. In the logo is a footprint of a bear.

All is connected, everywhere, all the time: Siempre OSO!