Recommendations 1-to-1 Coaching

‘Ultimate Business Coach’
“Peter is the ultimate business coach. He is straight, not easily to impress and knows the rules of a corporate environment. Peter's basic rule is that while you can be unique as a person, your behavior never is. He explains in a easy and respectful matter why you behave the way you do. And if you are ready for a change, Peter wil guide you: he helps you say goodbye to the old, ineffective patterns and he lets you embrace the new...”

Martje Kemperman, Consultant Programma management ABN AMRO

‘Back On Track’
"I have experienced Peter’s coaching as easygoing but at the same time confrontational and spot on. He helped me to see structure in all my thoughts and although giving advice is not his preferred style, it worked very well for me. He managed to connect his way of coaching to my needs, so after four intensive sessions I was back on track. So, also for individual coaching Peter is highly recommended!

Karien Bolsius, HR Manager, Sligro Food Group.

‘Fantastic Balance’
"I cannot recommend Peter's coaching highly enough. The sessions are always relaxed, easy-going and open but without trivialising the important, sometimes very difficult questions that are faced, a fantastic balance that, in my opinion, forms the cornerstone of great coaching. I have come out of these sessions with a stronger grasp of my own skills, how I can use them and, perhaps most importantly, what I want to use them for and how I can relate to those of others. An absolutely excellent coach with a unique talent!"

Steve Farmer, Global Solution Designer, BT Innovate and Design.

‘Great Resource’
"Peter is great as a career coach and human being. Thanks to his inventiveness and spontaneity I was not given a standard coaching. He was able to read my personality instead and guide me out of the trap of self doubt onto self confidence. Peter taught me how to network effectively and he’s definitely a great resource with an impressive coaching skill set."

Rossella Caloia, Senior Account Manager at EasyToBook GmbH

‘Highly professional’
“Peter is a highly professional coach and trainer with a deep commitment to his clients. He brings his expertise, engaging personality, knowledge and creativity to each person and creates extraordinary results. I strongly recommend him as a coach and trainer for your organization”

Beth Hollahan, President MEH Consulting Group Denver, Colorado, USA

‘Great Connection’
"My experience with Peter was unique in that we actually worked over Skype since he was in Holland and I'm in America. I have to say the outcome was very satisfying as I felt we had a great connection. He could sense what I was feeling and made appropriate suggestions and recommendations. I would recommend him to any company or person that is looking for help in coaching or training."

Mary Parsons, President, Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce, California, USA

‘Simple though powerful’
“Peter has been coaching me when I was at a crossroad in my career. In an informal but professional way, he gave me the insights that helped me make better career decisions. Some very simple though powerful techniques and a lot of positive energy! I am very pleased to be able to endorse him in this way.”

Ben-Anne Wieringa, Owner Marketvoice

‘Inspiring And Creative’
Peter uses his intuitive, solution focused and direct way of working very effective in order to come to the to the core of the questions that clients and customers have. As a person I experience him coaching, inspiring and creative. With its combination of business knowledge and a highly developed consciousness and sensitivity he can be of great importance for the development of organizations, teams and people. "

Suzanne den Boer, Consultant, Randstad HR Solutions