Calvijn met Junior College
‘Professional Guidance’
“Peter has given the teachers at Calvin met Junior College very professional guidance in influencing student behavior and helping them to cooperative in an effective manner with each other. ”By working on what works”, through classroom observation and peer tutors to work with the same class, teachers learn to see opportunities, get trained to have realistic but high expectations of pupils and are able to handle situations that are highly challenging. Peter is practical, sensitive, clear and is able to quickly build up respect and authority.”

Eric ten Hulsen
School Principal, Calvijn met Junior College

‘True Connection’
“Peter is a very passionate coach. He has a clear analysis of interpersonal processes. His approach is characterized by enthusiasm, solution-oriented and he is always working from a place of true connection. I learned a lot from him.“

Wendie Tamminga
Team Manager Calvijn met Junior College

‘Depth and Humor’
“Peter integrates models from psychology and training and makes them accessible to teachers so that behavioral patterns become visible and effective action can be taken. This applies to processes with pupils, teachers and managers. He is imaginative, has depth and humor!”

Jan Karstens
Team Manager Calvijn met Junior College