Recommendations Teamcoaching

‘Very enriching’
“Working with Peter has been very enriching for me. His coaching goes lengths beyond 'management tools and tricks'. It is about creating a deeper understanding of one's personal drivers, reflexes and strenghts, and about accelerating personal growth.”

Jessica Boonstra, Director Strategy Office, Ahold NV.

‘Clear And Personal Approach’
"The training style recognition given to our team of product specialists was very well received. In addition to the clear and personal approach and explanation of the different styles, the team is now able to understand each other better and communicate with each other in a more effective way."

Theo Muller, Sales Manager, Abbott BV.

‘Solutions That Help You Get To Your Goals’
"By listening and looking to who you are Peter is quickly able to advice you in an extreme effectively way. In his advice he is or focused on reaching you solutions that help you get to your goals (even if you don't know them precisely) or he helps you on track by questioning the steps you are (not) taking. There's only one way to get to know Peter: meet him and experience!"

Carolien de Jong, Director/Owner Vestadvies.

‘Very effective’
"I believe the Peter is a unique talent in the training and coaching field. He is incredibly passionate about his commitment to people and he is very effective at opening new possibilities for his clients. I have always found that his ability to create the intended results is only matched by the joy of working with him."

Jeff Cosby, President, The Avalon Group Inc., Virginia, USA

‘Feeling the energy’
“Peter facilitated and guided a workshop in both practical and spiritual way. He was great in feeling the energy in the setting and adjusting the context according to that.” 

Marc Fonteijn, New Media Services director, 31Volts

‘More than a 100%’
“For me Peter is inspiration, creativity and energy. A new way of thinking. He gives you more than a 100%”

Daphne Grimmelikhuijse, Managing Director, Hart voor Amsterdam Foundation