The Start Up: Layar BV
‘Always An Eye Opener’
“Peter has been a key person in the development of my personal career and in the companies I have been involved in the last years. In his sessions I have witnessed major breakthroughs that have enabled me and the management team to become more effective in our work. His ability to ‘see’ what is REALLY going is always an eye opener. Next to that his methods proved to be of great value around major pivot moments of our company. Combined with his understanding of the business he has become a highly effective coach for our company.”

Raimo van der Klein
CEO Layar BV.

‘Stay Connected, Synchronized And Energized’
“Peter is of great value to the founders and the company in his role as guide, friend and coach. In our continuously changing and hectic environment he helps us stay connected, synchronized and energized.”

Maarten Lens-Fitzgerald
Founder Layar BV.

‘Great Inspirator And Storyteller’
“Peter helped us out in an important process; facilitating our team on the rational but especially on the emotional level. Creating an atmosphere of trust & openness (without being ‘cloudy’ or ‘too soft’), we managed to crack some cases, which helped us to take enormous steps forward in achieving our goals. Also a great inspirator and storyteller!”

Claire Boonstra
Founder Layar BV