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Welcome to OSO Training & Coaching.

I am Peter Mulder.

As a coach I support professionals and companies in improving their performance and in getting the results they want. I believe in innovation, creativity and personal growth as the driver of business, careers and relations.

Every day is an opportunity to create something magical. Want to know how I can support you in that?

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1 to 1 coaching

Coaching can help you to get to the next level. It can help you to improve, to enhance, to deepen and get balanced. I can help you with this by being that extra pair of eyes, by being the curious questioner and by being the listener. 

Solution focused, direct, intuitive and with the help of years of experience I commit myself to the goals that you set.

My approach is that problems are nonworking solutions. And if problems keep occurring then you have to find another solution. Either career wise, in business or personal.

For more information; read examples on the Clients page or call me on +31 6 558 671 88.



Together Each Achieves More

The past years I have worked successfully with teams at Nike, ING, KPN, Ahold, BASF, Atos Origin amongst others. I also coached teams at startup companies (Layar, Minus3, Eurodev) and in the nonprofit sector (Government, NGO's, and Schools).

What I noticed is that all highly effective teams have one thing in common: 'flow'.

My talent and contribution is to see what is in the way of the flow and address that. Through what I call ‘organizational or team acupuncture’ I am able to pinpoint and address the issues that can help teams perform better. Teams will be more effective, creative, and above all be able to let their energy flow.
Teams that are in flow will generate more turnover, have higher rates of client satisfaction and sick leave rates will be decreased. 

Are you curious what I can do for your team? Read examples on the Clients page or call me on +31 6 558 671 88.



Working outside the working place

Developing your potential within a given context (e.g. at work) can be challenging. Sometimes a different environment with people you have no ‘formal’ relation with can help.

OSO Training & Coaching provides this through hosting off-site workshops.

An outstanding workshop I facilitate monthly is the Family & Organizational Constellations workshop.

Go to www.familiedynamiek.nl if you want to read more about this, check out the dates, and see what it can do for you!


About Me

Iíve made a job out of being curious

With a solid background in highly demanding business environments, international experience, a very strong intuition, masses of training hours, and a passion for personal development, I have all that it takes to be a master coach. 

It is not only my track record that speaks volumes, also the testimonials of the people I worked with tell the story (see Clients page). At the heart of my approach is solution focused coaching: simple works best. Combined with Bert Hellingers systemic approach, elements of NLP, transactional analysis, and LIFO this results in a very practical and personal approach which creates great results. 

I would love to meet you and see what we can create together! 

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Creating great results together

OSO Training & Coaching supports professionals and companies in improving their performance and in getting the results they want.

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Letís meet and have a coffee

The moment you start looking for a coach you are already on the journey of change. Meeting and selecting the coach you want to take with you on this journey is a very important and personal process.

Make sure you are open, critical and precise. And make sure you call me!

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